Golf Fitness Assessment

The SwingPlex Golf Fitness AssessmentWhy is it important to have a golf fitness assessment?

The information revealed from a professional golf fitness assessment can unlock the hidden potential to greatly affect the ability to enhance golf performance. By uncovering the cause of physical limitation, a golfer of any level can improve distance, accuracy, and reduce pain and stiffness.

The SwingPlex Golf Fitness assessment process is a thorough evaluation. We take the time to discover any issues within the body which may cause physical limitations and adversely effect the ability to play golf. The assessment covers strength, balance, joint stability and flexibility. The information discovered from the evaluation is used to produce a personalized SwingPlex corrective exercise program.

Each SwingPlex program is made up of therapeutic, progressive exercise techniques which safely build all the necessary components to enhance physical performance. The SwingPlex program is a strong preventative program to help avoid sport related injuries associated with golf.

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Swingplex Golf Fitness Assessment Gallery

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