The SwingPlex Approach

The Scorpion

The Scorpion

Smart Choice

The SwingPlex Golf Fitness program will easily benefit players of all levels and ages. It’s never too early or too late to begin the SwingPlex Fitness program! The SwingPlex Fitness programs have proven successful for Tour level to Junior level competitors. SwingPlex Golf Fitness also provides sound rehabilitation and exercise programs for recreational and competitive Senior players. During the initial evaluation, each player will be evaluated and placed into the appropriate program level to precisely address and service the player’s individual needs. The evaluation will cover flexibility, balance, coordination and overall strength and stability.

Intelligent Approach

What is Proprioception and why is it important to golf? Proprioception can be defined as the sense of controlling your body in motion through space and time. The golf swing is a pure proprioceptive movement:

  1. from address, club and body move precisely through a selected space
  2. the movement through this space requires precise timing and rhythm
Stretching with the bar

Rotational stretching with a bar

Proprioception in a sense, equals “feel”. Proprioception works like a golfer’s ESP (extra sensory perception). It bonds together the many elements essential to a solid golf shot. The equilibrium of swing balance, rotational flexibility, dynamic strength, precise timing and rhythm become an athletic proprioceptive movement.

Space… freedom of movement is completely dependent upon the availability of space. Without the proper amount of space within the body, efficiency of movement is certainly compromised. When referring to adequate space within the body, the individual enjoys a free flowing sensation from deep inside the joints. The body then responds with an openness  free of restrictions and therefore is able to easily bend, move and stretch. Space becomes absolutely essential when we shift our perspective and view space from within the body as the foundation of all physical movement. SwingPlex offers a unique approach to developing space within the body for overall flexibility. This approach includes creative dynamic stretching, passive stretching and active stretching techniques. The SwingPlex program greatly facilitates the essential element of flexibility for every golf swing.